A Day of Lync 2013 – Agenda

If you are thinking of coming along to see us at one of our events this is our current agenda in a bit more detail…

(The agenda will be the same for each day – Q&A and user instigated diversions aside!)


This session is about getting a feel for the areas of interest in the room that can help shape the day so feel free to chip in with questions as we go through. After saying hello we’ll have a quick recap on Lync and cover some of the new functionality Microsoft have added to the product since launch.

Architecture overview

This session will cover the different server roles and architecture choices behind a Lync deployment from a single server through to full enterprise topology with full resiliency or even your cloud choices with Office 365…

Voice / Video integration

While Lync out of the box allows for a great voice & video experience chances are you will have already have made investments in voice and video communication systems. This session will talk about how you can leverage those investments by integrating Lync with your existing PBX or in-room VC systems.

SRS – Smart Room System with Steljes

An overview of the LRS system with a particular focus on the “Smart content” features available in the latest software update for the Smart LRS systems


Well, food and things but we hope to have the LRS available for you to have a one-one demo / Q&A session with


Lync 2013 provides multiple mobile client options, this session will provide an overview of the client functionality & how they connect into your organisation.

Better together

This session will act as a mixture of best practices and showcasing some additional Lync functionality. We will look to cover at a high level the integration opportunities with SharePoint, Exchange as well as discuss future possibilities with the likes of Yammer and Persistent Chat.

Communications enabled Business Process

One of the reasons that organisations see a high level of success for Lync deployments is that Lync ends up embedded into existing business processes. This is usually an unexpected outcome and something that most organisations do not plan for. In this session we will discuss scenarios in your organisation where you could consider embedding Lync to maximise its benefits and the return for your organisation

Building the budget

Now that you have learned about Lync and where it can help your business you might need to go about securing a budget to support a pilot deployment (or beyond). This session will show how actually you might be able to find money from across the business units to help support a Lync deployment and not just have to rely upon your IT pot.